Topaz – the Symbol of Love?

Topaz has been a popular gemstone for centuries, with ancient civilizations bestowing powers on the gemstone. These powers, while a little exaggerated, nevertheless gave Topaz an important status within society. These stones come in many different colors and color is perhaps the single most … [Read more...]

The Variety of Topaz

This colorless gemstone comes in many hues, surely a contradiction in terms but in fact the color Topaz displays is entirely a result of the impurities within the stone. A silicate containing aluminum and fluorine, it is found in many different countries, colored depending on the seam of rock in … [Read more...]

More About Opals

Like most gem stones, glamorous opals are valued based on their color, cut, clarity and size, but the criteria for this jewel is a little different. First and foremost, the type of opal affects the value. Precious Opals For an opal to be classified as precious, it must display a bright and … [Read more...]

About Opals

Opal is a beautiful, unique gem that derives it's name from the Latin word “opalus,” meaning 'precious jewel'. The opal is a non-crystalline mineraloid. It is a form of silica that is found in lumps with intricate and delicate internal displays of color, rather than the norm of externally-ordered … [Read more...]