A Custom Gemstone Creation

The use of gemstones as adornment dates back to the earliest civilizations. Egyptian amulets, jade carvings from ancient China, and indigenous tribal ornamentation all point to a unifying theme in human culture across the globe: as soon as the human eye could recognize the appeal of gems, effort was … [Read more...]

Your Gemologist: What You Should Know

The role of gemologist is crucial to the gem trade. A gemologist is someone who has trained professionally at an accredited institution in colored stone identification and colored stone grading. The training may also include diamond grading. Gemologists may work in gemological laboratories, in … [Read more...]

A Colorful World

Gemstones are a delight to the eye and it is easy to understand how a collector can easily become infatuated with these gifts from nature. Occurring in every color of the rainbow and many hues in between, gemstone color is a major value factor and a large source of the gemstone’s appeal. Here we … [Read more...]

A Moment of Clarity

Clarity refers to the purity of a gemstone. In gemological parlance, clarity grades are based on the evaluation of the internal and external characteristics of a gemstone. These characteristics are called inclusions if they are inside the gemstone and blemishes if they are on the surface of the … [Read more...]

Caring For Your Gemstone

Once you have acquired, inherited, or otherwise obtained a desirable gemstone, you must take care of it properly. Minerals are some of the hardest substances found in nature, but this does not mean that they are impervious to damage. Properly caring for your gemstones will ensure that you get years … [Read more...]

Making the Cut

Gemstones are mined from the earth as rough crystals. Formed deep within the earth, heat and pressure cause minerals to crystallize in symmetrical patterns. Different minerals have different crystal structures depending on the individual arrangement of their atoms or molecules. The gemstones … [Read more...]

Record Setting Gemstone Sales

The larger the carat weight of a gemstone, the rarer and consequently more valuable it is. With other factors such as purity and excellence of cut being equal, a larger carat gemstone will price much higher per carat than a smaller one. But today, there is a gemstone criterion that may influence a … [Read more...]

The Play of Light in Gemstones

Much of a gemstone’s perceived beauty lies in the performance of how light reflects and refracts throughout the stone. Reflection is the amount of light that bounces off the surface of a gemstone and is returned to the eye. This is the “sparkle” of a gemstone. Refraction is how the gemstone bends … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Gemstone Enhancements

The majority of gemstones mined for commercial jewelry are subjected to some kind of treatment in addition to cutting and polishing before they reach the consumer. Sellers will frequently describe treated gems as enhanced, a title that acts as a catch-all for a variety of methods in use. This … [Read more...]

The Designer Difference

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between commercial jewelry and designer jewelry? Walk into any department store, and you are certain to see cases full of commercial jewelry. The same is true of shopping malls that may house three or more jewelry stores. But walk into a free-standing … [Read more...]