Have it Made: Jewelry Making Processes

Jewelry is made by a variety of different manufacturing processes. Have you ever wondered why jewelry is described as handmadeas often as not? What exactly goes into a piece of jewelry after metal ore and gemstones come out of the earth? The answers are as complex as the jewelry itself. Here, we … [Read more...]

Heavy Metal and Rock Stars: The Setting of a Gemstone

If you have purchased an un-mounted or “loose” gemstone, there are several things you need to know before choosing a setting that will show off your gem to its best advantage. The kind of jewelry metal, the type of setting, even how you choose to wear your gem can greatly alter its visual … [Read more...]

A Custom Gemstone Creation

The use of gemstones as adornment dates back to the earliest civilizations. Egyptian amulets, jade carvings from ancient China, and indigenous tribal ornamentation all point to a unifying theme in human culture across the globe: as soon as the human eye could recognize the appeal of gems, effort was … [Read more...]

The Designer Difference

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between commercial jewelry and designer jewelry? Walk into any department store, and you are certain to see cases full of commercial jewelry. The same is true of shopping malls that may house three or more jewelry stores. But walk into a free-standing … [Read more...]