Jewelry: Where to Buy It

If you are ready to purchase gemstone jewelry, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the shopping choices available. From bricks and mortar stores with glittering showcases to online retailers featuring thousands of items, choosing where to buy can be as difficult as deciding what to buy. In this … [Read more...]

Getting the Best Deal: How to Negotiate the Best Price in Jewelry

When shopping for jewelry, it can sometimes be hard to tell if you are getting the best price. The key to negotiating the best price for a piece of jewelry is never contingent upon a single piece of information. Getting the best price can be accomplished by combining your market knowledge, … [Read more...]

Buy Jewelry Online or the store? The Pros and Cons

A simple keyword search for “jewelry” with a shopping filter will yield 26.5 million results! With information overload and millions of choices, wouldn’t it be easier to just go to a jewelry store? Then again, why limit yourself to just one jeweler’s selection? If you are trying to decide between … [Read more...]

Shopping for Rings: The Most Important Things You Need to Know

Do you love the look of a ring on your finger? Rings are highly symbolic and can make a powerful personal statement. Think of everything you can tell about a person by the ring they choose to wear, whether they are married, single, affluent, bohemian; the list goes on. When selecting a ring, the … [Read more...]