Tips from a Jeweler: Everyday Care and Storage of your Jewelry

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There is wisdom in the grandmotherly advice that jewelry “should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off”.  To protect your jewelry and everything from diamonds and pearls to opals and emeralds, it is important to be gentle with your pieces to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. Read on … Read more

Alternative Metals: Exploring a New Jewelry Trend

In recent years, prices in the precious metal market have, at times, resembled a roller coaster. However the overall trend is one where the price of Gold and Platinum has increased significantly. As a result of the higher prices for precious metals typically used in fine jewelry, a few alternative metals have begun to take … Read more

Precious Metals Demystified: Understanding the Metals Used for Fine Jewelry

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Have you ever wondered about the difference between White Gold and Silver? Or wanted to learn more about Platinum and Palladium? Do you know what makes for a “precious metal” and how they are used in fine jewelry? Read on to find answers to these and many other questions on the typical metals used in … Read more

The Questions Some Gemstone Dealers Wish You Wouldn’t Ask

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An educated consumer is a gemstone vendor’s best kind of customer. You have taken the time to investigate the types of gemstones available in the market, you are aware of the common treatments that gemstones are routinely subjected to, and your expectations of price and availability are realistic. But what about the questions that make … Read more

Jewelry: Where to Buy It

The Many Ways of Buying Gemstone Jewelry

If you are ready to purchase gemstone jewelry, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the shopping choices available. From bricks and mortar stores with glittering showcases to online retailers featuring thousands of items, choosing where to buy can be as difficult as deciding what to buy. In this article, we will explain the most common … Read more

From the Neck Down: What You Need to Know About Buying a Necklace

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Necklaces have been a staple of adornment since the beginning of recorded history. From simple shell and bead necklaces of the Stone Age to the pectoral collars of ancient Egypt, to the myriad variations available today, the necklace has remained a time-honored and coveted jewelry category. A necklace can be worn by anyone. For an … Read more

Bracelets: How to Shop Them, How to Wear Them

silver bracelet

If you are thinking about buying a bracelet, there is a lot to consider. Bracelets can make a fun fashion statement and many jewelers offer great deals on bracelets. Bracelet sales tend to be a little slower than other types of jewelry such as earrings and rings and this makes them excellent game for bargain … Read more