The Healing Power of Gemstones

Have you ever wondered how gemstones got their associations with healing properties? Since ancient times, people have used gemstones for their metaphysical qualities as well as their beauty. Ancient Romans wore amethyst for a surprising reason: they believed that doing so would prevent drunkenness! While we do not claim that gemstones posses magical powers, we … Read more

Gems of the Sea: A Guide for Pearls and Coral

Image of Pearl Gem

Attractive gemstones are not always mined from the earth. Pearls and coral are two gemstones that come from the sea. Since they are produced by living organisms, they are classified as organic gemstones. Beautiful and desirable, these gems from the sea are not without controversy. Is Coral Jewelry illegal? Precious coral is a prime example … Read more

Tourmaline: A colorfully sly family of gemstones

Watermelon Tourmaline Gemstones

Tourmalines have, for centuries, been captivating collectors with their varied and uniquely intense colors.  Historically, they eluded identification and instead were attributed as everything from rubies and emeralds to topaz, peridot and sapphires.  Tourmalines are a complex and interesting family of gemstones. Each color group of Tourmaline has its own market of desirability, but color … Read more

Tourmaline 101: The Basics

Paraiba Tourmaline - neon blue color

Tourmaline is most known for the broad and dynamic range of colors in which it can be found.   This palette, from crisp greens and blues to deep pinks, purples, reds and every color in between, is how Tourmaline is most commonly showcased within the modern jewelry industry.   Tourmaline, in their finest examples, are barely included … Read more

Born to Shine: What Your Birthstone Says About You

Birthstone jewelry has remained perennially popular, even as recommendations for which gems go with certain months keep changing! You have undoubtedly encountered many traditional birthstone lists in your reading. Here, we’re going to do something different. We are going to provide the history of the traditional birthstones, the modern alternatives, and their meanings to give … Read more

Aquamarine – A Gemstone Cut and Colored for the Night

The value of Aquamarine gemstones is very much determined by their aesthetics. As with most gemstones the 4C’s of cut, color, carat, and clarity all come into play when pricing this gemstone. What is the best color for Aquamarine gemstones? Color is probably one of the more important determinants of Aquamarine value. The richer and … Read more

Aquamarine – All About The Gemstone Named “Sea Water”

Image of Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarine is a gorgeous blue variety of beryl that is of high enough grade to be considered a gem stone. Beryl is a clear mineral that is colored by impurities and makes up a variety of gemstones, including Emeralds and, of course, Aquamarine. In the case of Aquamarine, it is iron ‘impurities’, in ferris and … Read more

Amethyst – All About The Purple Gemstone

Amethyst Gemstone Image

Amethysts are a purple variety of quartz and is the most valued among the quartz group. The coloring is thought to be the result of natural impurities (most likely to be iron and some trace elements). Given that Quartz is probably one of the most plentiful minerals on Earth, Amethysts, one of the most precious … Read more

The World of Emeralds Demystified

Green Faceted Emerald

The world of precious emeralds is a captivating one.  Known as the Stone of Venus and discovered in Cleopatra’s Mines in Egypt in 1600 BC they hold a special fascination for most gemstone lovers. Legend has professed that the Roman Emperor Nero wore glasses with the lens made of emeralds to watch the gladiators fight.  … Read more