Opal Necklaces and Pendants

Few other gemstones can make such wonderful use of light. Opal jewelry can show all the colors of the rainbow within its basic color as small pieces of silica divert the rays. Those diversions of light can vary by the minute producing a stone, and therefore a piece of jewelry with a unique look. You will not have to spend a fortune buying Opal jewelry; you will need to care for your investment but it will be well worth the effort.   

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Why Opal?

The Aborigines’ belief on the origin of Opal says it all. They believe that God came to Earth on a rainbow to try to promote peace and as he stepped on the ground, it came alive. All the colors of the rainbow were left in the stone to provide a startling effect when light shines through it.

Opal itself comes in almost every core color with the descriptive words, Honey, Boulder, Angel skin and Fire just a few examples which will immediately give you an idea of their color. The effect of light adds to the attraction making Opal, the national stone of Australia which provides 95% of World production a must for your jewelry box.


The important thing in Opal gemstone necklaces is to ensure that none of the wonderful qualities of the stone are lost when a piece of jewelry is made. Opal can be fashioned into small beads for a necklace or provide a center piece with other gemstones.

The metal used is unimportant other than in cost. Yellow gold can be used for many of the common colors of Opal. Similarly silver and white gold can be used for the more vivid colors.

Opal benefits from being worn often because it is fairly fragile and susceptible to crack if it dries. If it is exposed to the natural humidity in the air it will retain its quality. An Opal necklace should be cleaned with a soft cloth before being put away. Ideally it can be put in a bag perhaps with a damp piece of cloth to prevent the stone from drying out.


Opal pendants generally provide the opportunity to let the stone play with light to its greatest effect. Your color preferences will probably help with the decision on which metal you chose for the chain. Yellow gold is perhaps more expensive and you may decide that the Opal is the main part of the pendant; the vivid colors are better presented by silver and white gold anyway.

Opal gemstone pendants can be worn with casual clothes just as well as the more formal outfits you might wear at weddings and other family occasions. Finding a special Opal from the huge variety that is available will be a rewarding experience. You may find it difficult to make up your mind such are the stunning examples of this stone but you will surely find the exercise fun.

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