The Ancient Civilizations were often portrayed in film through their rulers. Cleopatra was renowned for her beauty and her love for jewelry; the green gemstones she wore were originally thought to be emeralds. They were more probably Peridot and its stunning olive green color has meant it has a host of fans since the dawn of time. You can buy Peridot jewelry at very reasonable prices; the most valuable examples are in deep olive green. It is a gemstone that is only found in green, albeit there are various shades available.  The Egyptian deposits have long gone but there are deposits in many other parts of the World. Click on an item to compare prices and find deals on Peridot rings from multiple retailers or read on to find out more about Periodot gemstone jewelry….

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Why Peridot?

The main motives for buying jewelry include investment, color and decoration. The olive green color of Peridot makes it a little different from other gemstones. If you want color in your jewelry box then Peridot is a stone you should look at closely.

It is fairly soft so a cutter’s task is made a little more difficult but it is not a very  expensive stone where every carat is extremely costly. Peridot provides a chance to add a different color to your jewelry collection.

There are some extremely big stones, well over 100 carats which have been made into different shapes. You may not be in that market but there is no reason why you should not buy Peridot for the first time. You may well decide to buy more when you see the reaction of your friends and family.


The contrast of deep olive green and silver or white gold presents Peridot gemstone necklaces at their very best. It goes very well with other stones such as Amethyst where two or three gemstones set in silver make a wonderful piece.

You can do some research online on some of the Peridot necklaces that have been made and perhaps come up with some ideas of your own. The important thing is that the gemstone is shown at its best with the metal in very much a secondary role.

It can be made into flowers with small stones fashioned into many different designs. The possibilities  are endless.


Peridot gemstone pendants generally make use of a central stone on a chain with the dark green being eye catching whether you are dressed casually or more formally for special occasions.

The most expensive are the deep olive green stones but there are much lighter stones for which there is still a strong market. You can buy Peridot without stretching your budget too far.

Peridot is available without any inclusions though occasionally there are deposits which produce the ‘cat’s eye’ and ‘star’ effect that is found in a few different gemstones.

The softness of Peridot means that it is sometimes set in a mesh like structure which helps protect the stone from damage. That really does not detract from the quality of the gemstone and the color impact it makes.

Peridot gives you the chance to own a strong green gemstone which will become a popular addition to your jewelry box. Pity you can’t chat with Cleopatra.