Heavenly Treasures: A Family Owned Business since 1993

At first glance, Heavenly Treasures emerges as an on-trend, fashion conscious retailer. Engaging, fresh photography dominates the home page, highlighting some of the most exciting jewelry trends of the decade. Bead and rondelle style charm bracelets, stacking rings, cable jewelry, and hinged hoop earrings communicate that Heavenly Treasures, if not a leading trend originator, at least comes across as a fashionable early adopter.

Look closer and you will find an attractive commitment to customer service. Their generous 90-day return policy states that any item can be returned for a full refund, minus the shipping costs. Hmmm. Three months to decide if you want to keep an item, and then a full refund if you don’t? That is practically unheard of, as many online retailers keep to a 30 day return window and offer refund or a credit. Heavenly Treasures also purports to offer a lifetime warranty against defects for the jewelry it sells. Without going into any detail as to how a defective item is identified, they generously offer to repair, replace, refund, or credit the customer, reserving these options at the retailer’s discretion.

Described as one of the “largest” online retailers, Heavenly Treasures does not distinguish if its mention in “Internet Retailer Top 400”, credited to Catalog Success Magazine, references it’s sales volume, inventory collection, or staff. But they do pride themselves on customer service, reflected in numerous personal communications from satisfied customers tastefully posted in a separated area labeled “The Best Service,” a highly subjective but earnest claim.

The “Designer Brands” selection offers few recognizable jewelry designers, but seems to be more akin to a marketing attempt to feature private label manufacturers and differentiate them from the rest of the more commercial collection. This is ironic, because the general collection is where Heavenly Treasures really shines. The curator is obviously in touch with jewelry trends, and there is a strong offering of classic pieces as well. Reasonably priced, some stand-out items include:

The Cable Collection

With 110 items in the Cable Collection, the vast majority are between $50.00 and $300.00. Featuring all the fabulous jewelry trends of today including blackened silver, stacking bracelets, stations bracelets, circle motifs, and more, we found this collection to be fresh, engaging, and affordable.

The Gemstone section:

Organized by gemstone type, each photo features a colorful suite of beautiful gemstone jewelry with a special section dedicated to birthstones. Tantalizing to the eyes, Heavenly Treasures’ gemstone selection is ample: ruby, emerald, and sapphire jewelry is interspersed among tanzanite collections, peridot, tourmaline, quartz, jade, pearl, and lapis to name just a few. Make sure you read their product descriptions carefully, though. First in the selection of emerald jewelry is a fashionable ring described as “emerald green color” that turns out to contain lab created emeralds. While the disclosure is there, it is not the first thing you read about this ring.

For fun and fashionable gemstone jewelry and for on-trend looks, we think Heavenly Treasures deserves a close look.  You can also compare their selection with that of other notable vendors by clicking on one of the items below.

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