Amethyst Necklaces and Pendants

What are the benefits of buying amethyst pendants and necklaces?

  1. Graceful And Elegant Colors:

Amethyst is a stone that is available in a wide variety of extremely graceful and elegant colors. The range of colors that this gemstone is available in makes it suitable for different types of people, irrespective of their sex or age. Some experts argue that , on the one hand, amethysts that can be found in light pink which is suitable for young women while, on another, it is available in a deep purple that is flattering on older women. The GemstoneGuru team don’t subscribe to this view….we think beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Moreover, amethyst is a gemstone which has been appreciated and worn by warriors in human history which makes it very apt for men of today as well. The deep purple in some of the best Amethysts is a royal color that will suit even the most macho of men.

  1. Ability To Blend In With Various Designs And Combinations:

When you consider amethyst necklaces and pendants available in the market, you will note that they are available in so many different designs that it can be very difficult to choose from them. The reason for this is nothing but the fact that amethyst has the capability to look good in all types of designs.For example, while the most combinations of amethyst is with diamonds, you will find it excelling alone, in groups, with other precious and semi precious stones, and even with an extensive array of metals.

  1. Symbolizes Healing And Mental Control:

Traditionally, amethyst is a gemstone that is believed to facilitate healing in a person while, at the same time, allowing him to gain better mental control. Many divination sciences in the modern world still conform to these beliefs and recommend amethyst necklaces and pendants to people born in the month of February.
Therefore, if you are an individual who believes in such sciences then you may find yourself compelled to reap these spiritual benefits of amethyst jewelry. Moreover, as February is the month of love, these types of jewelry make great gifts for people in love as well.

  1. Easily Available Across The World:

Amethyst is mined all over the world in countries such as Brazil, South Korea, southern India, and even the United States of America. Therefore, another benefit of buying necklaces and pendants with amethyst as their highlight is that they are easily available all over the world.
Additionally, there are numerous businesses on the internet that supply amethyst jewelry. Essentially, whether you want to buy amethyst jewelry online or offline, you would find it to be easily accessible.

  1. Extremely Cheap Despite Being Beautiful:

It should also be noted that all the aforementioned benefits of amethyst jewelry are available at extremely competitive prices because amethyst as a gemstone is not very rare. The reason for this is twofold.
Firstly, amethyst is easily available and mined all over the world and secondly it can be synthesized artificially in a laboratory. In effect, the fact that amethyst is easily available makes it inexpensive as well.

Which chains are best for Amethyst Necklaces and Pendants?

For you to be able to wear a pendant or charm with confidence, you will need a chain that can withstand the weight of the Amethyst stones, a clasp that can handle the pressure but these should not over-power the apeal of the piece at the same time. The gauge (or thickness) of popular chains for Amethyst necklaces ranges from 0.9mm – 1.7mm so unless you have a particularly large pendant to accommodate, pick something within this size range. Experienced jewelers normally recommend 0.9mm – 1mm as a good starting point for most light weight pendants. Box chains or wheat chains make the perfect type of pendant chains within this size, you may also want to consider snake chains if that style appeals to you.

Amethyst is a beautiful gemstone which has various practical and spiritual attributes. Consequently, it can be said that amethyst necklaces and pendants have relevance for virtually every type of individual in the world.