Aquamarine Necklaces and Pendants

Fashions change and the chances are, for some us, the neglected parts of the wardrobe reflect the changing nature of our fashion senses. However, color is all enduring and Aquamarine blue has been among the most popular colors through time. The blue and blue green of Aquamarine gemstones in necklaces and pendants make made these jewelry pieces one of the most enduringly popular items you can buy. The fact that this gemstone is fairly common even in its flawless form means that necklaces and pendants of Aquamarine continue to find their way into jewelry boxes. Click on a necklace or pendant to compare prices on Aquamarine neckwear or read on for more information…


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Why Aquamarine for a Necklace?

This gemstone is commonly found with good clarity and its vivid color makes Aquamarine an attractive gemstone for most forms of jewelry. Blue is a popular color in general, and  the deep blue and the  blue green of Aquamarine both remind you of the color of the warm seas of the world. This also relates back to the origins in lore of the stone which was said to be the treasure of Neptune and mermaids.

It is a stone that can be cut into traditional classic cuts but also into the modern and abstract. Because it is hard and relatively inexpensive gem-cutters can use their skills without fear of damaging a valuable piece.

Aquamarine is a stone that fits into your budget, even if it is a limited budget. Whilst premium prices are charged for the flawless and vivid stones even the paler ones, perhaps an ice blue, can look stunning when set with silver or white gold. Aquamarine is the also known as the birthstone of March so it makes a great gift to celebrate your special day or that of someone dear to you.

Aquamarine Necklaces

Aquamarine gemstone necklaces are particularly attractive if you are going to wear a white dress. Blue against a white background provide a wonderful contrast. The stones can be interspersed with another material but many people feel the blue and blue green options with silver or white gold metal will give you an effect that will impress.

Often designers use what inclusions there are in the stone to make dramatic creations and there are necklaces to buy which have other modern art creations interspersed with the gemstone to make a really distinctive Aquamarine necklace.

Aquamarine Pendants

Aquamarine gemstone pendants need little more than a simple setting.  This is an inexpensive gemstone so a white gold pendant with a large bright blue stone is not something that hits the pocket too hard. As a result Aquamarine pendants have become increasingly popular jewelry items. Your jewelry box may be full of color but is not complete without an attractive Aquamarine.

If you have yet to get any Aquamarine pieces it is time you started to look at the options available and the competitive prices in comparison to many other stones.