Aquamarine Rings

Aquamarine’s vivid blue against a backdrop of white provides the ideal combination of jewelry whether brooches, bracelets and perhaps in relation to this beautiful gemstone most especially rings. It is a blue, blue green beryl stone that can be cut in a traditional or modern design and set with white gold or silver. It is generally a fairly inexpensive yet stunning addition to a jewelry box. In the case of rings, Aquamarine is popular as a dress ring, ideal with a cocktail dress and as an engagement ring it fits perfectly with the romantic associations the gemstone has possessed over the years.  Click on a ring to find a deal on aquamarine gemstone rings or read on for more information…

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Which Settings work best for Aquamarine Rings?

You can use Aquamarine in a number of settings which makes it a stone that can play more than one role in your jewelry box. Its color alone, the most expensive is a rich blue, means it needs nothing too intricate for it to impress. It is an easy stone to fashion, and is found often in an emerald cut. However  many cuts and settings are common because a cutter can relax as he goes about his work because he is under no pressure with this hard and fairly inexpensive gemstone; every grain is not too precious in case of a mistake.

Aquamarine rings in a modern setting using several stones will make your ring the envy of all your friends. Typically Aquamarine has few inclusions and even “flawless” stones are not uncommon. Where there are inclusions modern designers have often used those inclusions in a positive way to produce abstract and unusual designs. Aquamarine Gemstone Rings go well with your cocktail dress, your outfits for a special occasion and they make ideal engagement rings.

What is the the Ideal Metal for Aquamarine Rings?

Silver and white gold are the two metals that show Aquamarine off to its best effect. The cut you opt for is purely subjective whether round or rectangular.  If you are a lover of gold, the Aquamarine stone you may wish to select is perhaps one that is particularly bright. That combination is likely to be at the high end of Aquamarine jewelry but it is very much a stone that fits into every budget. The stronger and more vivid the color the more expensive is the stone as a rule.

From a more metaphysical perspective, an Aquamarine Engagement Ring is most apt, it is said to promote happiness and wealth. Medical men and healers through the ages have attributed Aquamarine as having a soothing effect; whether you believe it helps arthritis, a sore throat or inflammation perhaps does not really matter. All things considered, this would mean a happy, healthy, long lived and prosperous marriage!

In summary, Aquamarine is an inexpensive and extremely attractive gemstone that can take pride of place in your jewelry box. It can be used for a wide range of rings; an Aquamarine Cocktail Ring is just a single example of a lovely piece you can have in your jewelry box.