Opal Rings

Such is the range of color of the Opal gemstone; you can probably find Opal jewelry from almost any part the color spectrum. This helps match Opal when almost any particular outfit you have in mind.  A stone for every occasion, Opal’s attraction is in the way the light is diverted by small pieces of silica within the stone to give different effects on each occasion you wear it. Click on an item to compare prices and find a wide selection of Opal rings. We have choices from multiple retailers. Looking for info on how to select an appropriate Opal ring, setting or metal? or read on below to find out more about Opal ring pricing, care and settings….

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Opal RING Prices

Opal ring prices can vary significantly – on this site you will find a selection of rings ranging in price from around $50 to well over $5000 – so there is a lot of choice. The prices are driven by many factors. The  the quality and rarity of the stone  makes a big difference. For example, Fire Opals are amongst the most expensive, created Opals are less expensive.  The metal you choose also makes a big difference – a platinum Opal ring cost more than a silver Opal ring because of the high price of platinum.


How to Care for Opal Rings?

Unlike most other gemstones, there is significant water content in Opal . It is important not to let it dry because the Opal gemstone can easily crack or lose it’s color. As such, there a few points to consider when caring for Opal rings. First – they are sensitive to significant changes in temperature, ideally an Opal ring should be stored somewhere where it cannot dry out. For example in a closed plastic bag with damp cotton inside will definitely work.  Regular wearing your Opal jewelry in anything but a very dry climate will only help its condition. Secondly, it is a myth that dipping Opals in oil or water is required to maintain the piece. Regular cleaning with a soft damp cloth dipped in slightly soapy water will help preserve your Opal’s condition. You should avoid soaking in water for long, and the water used should be close to room temperature. Opal rings also benefit from a professional polishing once every few year – it can really bring the color an old ring back to life – and make sure the setting is robust! Click here for more tips on caring for your jewelry.

Which Opal Ring Settings work best?

Every gemstone needs to be set to show off the stone to its greatest effect . In the case of Opal it is its ability to appear under several different guises whilst not actually changing color. Traditional settings for Opal rings have endured over time.  Given the nature of the stone, the less the setting can intrude on the stone the more appealing is the look. The ability of Opal to reveal the colors of the rainbow within its core hue is something that a setting must aim to preserve. This needs to be balanced by the fact that Opal is sensitive to scratches (unlike jewelry made with a ‘harder’ stones like sapphires) -Keep this in mind when selecting a setting  for an Opal gemstone ring.

Whilst some jewelers may recommend not using a prong or a bezel setting, our view is that as long as you care for the ring well, we don’t expect which setting you use to be a big issue. As with any purchase, you should do some research into the various classical settings, some of  the more modern invisible settings in which the stone is held from below so the Opal can best express itself might be an option. There are many alternatives to consider!


What is the Best Metal for Opal Rings?

Most metals work well with Opal. The selection of the most appropriate metal for an Opal ring is driven more by  your budget (Platinum settings are clearly more expensive than silver) and the colors associated with the Opal stone than any other factors. Opal needs light. Think about how the combination of metal and stone will look under various lighting.  -The color of metal should be less important relative to the stone. If your favorite Opal may be light in color in which case yellow gold may show it off to better effect than silver or white gold. Similarly a strong colored opal may look so much better with the light colored metals with palladium (and platinum also an option). The deep red Fire Opal which comes from Mexico is a good example of Opal that can look even more beautiful if set in white gold with the metal playing a relatively unobtrusive role.

Myths about Opal

Aborigines believe that the Opal was created when God came down to Earth on a rainbow to promote peace. As he stepped on to the ground, it came alive and produced this wonderful gemstone which remains the national stone of Australia. Even though 95% of modern production is now in Australia it is a gemstone that was known in the Ancient World.

It was well known to the Romans who had a word for it, ‘opalus’, meaning stone with many elements.

Opal rings can show you a variety of color and go with almost any outfit, find one and make it your own.

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