The Healing Power of Gemstones

Image of Turquise StrandHave you ever wondered how gemstones got their associations with healing properties? Since ancient times, people have used gemstones for their metaphysical qualities as well as their beauty. Ancient Romans wore amethyst for a surprising reason: they believed that doing so would prevent drunkenness! While we do not claim that gemstones posses magical powers, we do not deny it either.  Read on for some unexpected lore about how gemstones have been used for purposes other than adornment.

Metaphysical Properties of Gemstones

Metaphysical gemstone properties are based upon the belief that “like attracts like.” The most obvious characteristic of many gemstones is their color. People began to associate the color of the gemstone with the emotions and states of being that the particular color calls to mind. By following this theory, clear quartz became associated with clarity of vision, ruby with passion, and aquamarine with calming. Hematite, a gemstone with a dark grey metallic sheen, became associated with the cleansing of kidney functions! When hematite is scratched on a rough surface, it leaves a telltale red streak that many believed resembled blood. Observers believed the gemstone was aligned with the kidneys, the organ that cleanses the blood.


Carved gemstones were frequently used as talismans. This meant that they were carved and consecrated to a specific purpose, such as the cure of a physical ailment. In ancient Egypt as well as Mesopotamia, carved talismans were believed to bring luck and protection. A great example of a talisman still widely worn today would be the hamsa hand. Usually adorned with gemstones or carved from jet, the hamsa hand is believed to protect the wearer against the evil eye.

Jyotish Gems

In Hindu astrology, each of the nine planets has a corresponding gemstone. Wearing a gemstone that corresponds with your Vedic astrology is believed to bring life improvements that include health and vigor, wealth, happiness, and fulfillment. The nine jyotish gems are:

The size, cut, and purity of the gemstone must be very specific in order to achieve the desired result of a harmonious life. Attention to detail is given to the way the gemstones are set as well how they are worn. Gemstones are recommended to be of at least two carats in weight, be free from visible inclusions, and must be worn next to the skin to be effective. Even though gemstone enhancements are common, enhanced gemstones are not considered acceptable as jyotish gems. A practiced astrologer would study your astrological chart, identify any weaknesses you may be experiencing, and then prescribe gemstones for you to wear in order to correct the deficiencies.

Would you wear a gemstone if you believed it would enhance your luck? What about health issues? Suppose you wore a gemstone to address a specific ailment and the situation resolved itself? Is this a case of “mind over matter” or is there something about gemstones that makes life improvement seem possible to you? We want to hear about your experiences! Nothing is too “out there” for us.