Amethyst Rings

As is the case with the whole jewelry industry, there are so many diverse types of amethyst rings available in the market that it can be very hard to classify them in specific categories. Even so, there are some variables on which they can be categorized. These include the setting that is used in amethyst rings, the metals that the rings are made up of, and even established trends pertaining to such rings. If you have been planning to buy amethyst gemstone rings, then click on a Amethyst ring to compare prices or read on for more information….

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Which Settings ARE BEST FOR Amethyst Rings?

Amethyst is a gemstone that affords a lot of freedom to jewelry designers simply because it can be made to excel in a wide variety of ways. If you go through various amethyst rings available on the internet, you will see true diversity in terms of designs. From a setting perspective, one of the most secure settings for the stone is the bezel setting.  This setting usually surrounds the stone with a precious metal band and holds the stone securely in place. Whilst this is a good way to protect the stone, it can often reduce the amount of light bounces off the stone. This impacts the brilliance of the stone. If you want to increase brilliance whilst remaining secure, you may want to consider half-bezel or tension settings for the stone.

Which GEMSTONES GO BEST WITH Amethyst Rings?

It is very common for the amethyst to be combined with other precious and semi precious stones because of their primary and secondary colors. The most commonly used precious stone with amethyst is diamond because the luster and colors of diamonds can combine with the grace and elegance of amethysts to create a winning combination.

Similarly, amethyst would be seen individually or in groups in many rings in design settings that can be described as both basic and elaborate.

Which METALS GO BEST WITH Amethyst Rings?

While amethyst would be the highlight of most rings, the type of metal used with the gemstone can also add a lot of character and style to the rings. Fortunately, amethyst can be set in rings made up of a wide variety of metals as it can blend wonderfully with virtually all metals.

Effectively, amethyst rings in the market are made up of a wide range of metals. Some of these include:

1.  Gold

2.  Sterling silver

3.  White gold

Apart from these three commonly used metals, there may be some innovative rings with some unique metals as well.

What are the recent trends on Amethyst Rings?

Amethyst is a gemstone which is associated with the month of February. The result of this connection is that amethyst rings are often touted to be perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day. Moreover, this connection also means that many jewelry designers depict amethyst in settings and designs suited to complement the love that people share.

A very popular and highly attractive setting of amethyst rings is the Claddagh Ring. The Claddagh Ring is a traditional Irish ring which symbolizes the love, respect, and friendship that people share. Amethyst is often the highlight of Claddagh designs.

The Historical Relevance of Amethyst Rings

Amethyst even has historical relevance. It is said that the Egyptian Pharaoh and one of the most beautiful women in human history, Cleopatra, used her amethyst ring to woo two of the most powerful Roman men in Marc Anthony and Julius Caesar.

In fact, the amethyst ring worn by Cleopatra became so famous that many Roman women started wearing amethyst rings in a bid to keep their husbands smitten and loyal to them. This aspect of Roman culture is visible in Italy even today.

Myths Associated With Amethyst Rings

Over the years, many myths have been associated with amethyst rings. Amethyst, as a gemstone, was believed to have strong healing powers. Furthermore, it was also believed that amethyst can help people keep a cool head in troubled and difficult times.

Consequently, amethyst was borne by many warriors in human history. Another attribute given to amethyst is that it can keep a person from getting intoxicated, regardless of how much he drinks. In fact, the word amethyst is a derivation of amethystos which means not being drunk in Greek.