Carats and Clarity: Some Clear and Specific Answers

Lots of carats with little clarity Amethyst Gemstone

If you have shopped for a diamond or gemstone recently, you have no doubt been apprised of the “4 C’s”: carat weight, clarity, color, and cut. The 4 C’s play an important role in the description and valuation of diamonds and gemstones. Here, you will learn key information about two of the four C’s: carat … Read more

A Moment of Clarity

Image of FIre Opal

Clarity refers to the purity of a gemstone. In gemological parlance, clarity grades are based on the evaluation of the internal and external characteristics of a gemstone. These characteristics are called inclusions if they are inside the gemstone and blemishes if they are on the surface of the gemstone. In many cases, few inclusions will … Read more