If you want blue gemstones, consider blue topaz or aquamarine


There are many types of blue-colored gemstones. But if you want a stone that reminds you of the ocean breeze or that brings you tranquility, then you should think about aquamarine or blue topaz. Blue topaz and aquamarine are two of the most popular blue gemstones available today, but they have different histories and features. So, which one should you choose?

In choosing between these two blue colored gemstones, there are a few things to consider. First, you need to decide what kind of stone you want. Are you looking for something colorful and vibrant like a blue topaz, or something cool and refreshing like an aquamarine? Next, think about your budget. Gemstones can be expensive, so you’ll want to find one that fits within your price range. Finally, take into account the occasion. What type of event are you buying a gemstone for? If it’s a special occasion like a wedding or anniversary, then you might want to splurge on something extra-special.

Lets do a quick check – can you tell which of the rings below is Aquamarine vs Topaz?

Image of White Gold Emerald Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

Image of 14k White Gold Half Bezel Set Blue Topaz Ring

If you guess the top one as being aquamarine and the bottom as Topaz – then you guessed right!

No matter what your needs may be, let us help you take a closer look at blue topaz and aquamarine and compare them side by side.

The history of aquamarine

Aquamarine has been treasured since ancient times. This blue-green gemstone gets its name from the Latin word for “sea water,” and was favored by sailors as a talisman of good luck. Aquamarine is the March birthstone, and it is also associated with the zodiac sign Pisces. Today, aquamarine is a popular choice for engagement rings and other fine jewelry. It is also an ideal gemstone for carving, so if you plan to get your stone shaped into a custom design, you should keep aquamarine in mind.

The finest aquamarine stones come from Brazil. But it is also found in other countries, including Nigeria, Zambia, and Madagascar. Its beauty is worth every penny: this stone has a delicate blue color that is unlike any other.

Image of Aquamarine GemstoneThe history of blue topaz

Topaz gets its name from the Greek word for “tapazos,” meaning “to seek,” because early jewelers believed that topaz could help them find lost objects. Most blue topaz stones are created by treating colorless topaz with heating and irradiation, as natural blue topaz is rare. It is often used in rings, necklaces, and earrings, as it is a relatively hard stone. Topaz is the November birthstone and the gem gifted for fourth wedding anniversaries.

Image of large Blue Topaz Pendant 14k Gold with DiamondsHow to tell the difference between aquamarine and blue topaz?

Although aquamarine and blue topaz come in shades of stunning blue, they actually have different color profiles. Aquamarine is a light blue stone with a hint of green, while blue topaz is a deeper, more saturated blue. Aquamarine is usually more transparent compared to blue topaz (blue topaz comes with strong refraction, an aquamarine is less refractive). Aquamarine belongs to the beryl family and blue topaz is composed of silicate—their mineral composition affects their color difference, too. Nevertheless, their subtlety or boldness makes them each uniquely beautiful in their own way.

What’s more expensive: aquamarine or blue topaz?

In general, aquamarine is the more expensive of the two blue gemstones. That’s because aquamarine’s value is based on color and clarity rather than size. Although large stones are available, aquamarines over 25 carats have less market value than smaller stones of the same quality. Additionally, aquamarine’s clarity is better than that of the blue topaz.

However, both stones make beautiful pieces of jewelry and are sure to add a touch of elegance to any outfit. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly blue stone for jewelry, then be sure to keep this in mind.

Blue topaz vs. aquamarine durability

In terms of hardness, aquamarine rates 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. That makes aquamarine suitable for engagement rings and weddings, as well as earrings, pendants, and bracelets. However, it is still susceptible to scratching and chipping, so be sure to take care when wearing aquamarine jewelry. But if you look after it, your aquamarine jewelry will last for many years.

Blue topaz has a rating of 8 on the Mohs scale. This means that it can scratch most other materials, but it can also be scratched by other harder gemstones. However, it’s resistant to heat and chemicals, so blue topaz is a good choice if you’re setting the stone in metal. It is durable and able to withstand everyday wear but it’s best to avoid wearing blue topaz jewelry while doing activities that could damage it, such as gardening or cooking. Yet with the proper care, your blue topaz jewelry will last for many years.

What metal does aquamarine look best with?

Since aquamarine is typically light blue in color, you should take special care when deciding what type of metal you want to set it in. Metals such as yellow gold or bronze might overwhelm aquamarine’s delicate light color. But platinum, silver, or white gold might help showcase the gem. If you’re uncertain about what works best, ask your jeweler to help you pick the metal that goes best with aquamarine.

What metal does blue topaz look best with?

Blue topaz is extremely versatile. As a result, it makes it easier when browsing for blue topaz jewelry. If you want a minimalist modern look, pair blue topaz with silver-colored metal such as white gold or platinum. But if you enjoy jewelry that has a vintage classic style, then match blue topaz with yellow gold or rose gold. At the end of the day, it depends on your personal tastes.

What are the benefits of blue topaz jewelry?

Blue topaz is a beautiful and versatile gemstone that has a wide range of colors, from light blue to deep navy. As the November birthstone, it makes a perfect gift for anyone celebrating a November birthday. Blue topaz jewelry is an excellent way to add a touch of color to any outfit. It can be worn with casual or formal attire, and it looks great with both silver and gold. Whether you are looking for a unique gift for someone special or you simply want to treat yourself, blue topaz jewelry is sure to please.

Image of Blue and White Topaz Necklace Sterling SilverWhat are the benefits of aquamarine jewelry?

Aquamarine’s sea water color has a hypnotic effect when used in jewelry. Even regardless of its color, it is known for its stunning brilliance and clarity. As the March birthstone, aquamarine is a thoughtful gift to give a loved one born in March. It is believed to promote peace and happiness, and to protect the wearer from harm. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry or a lucky talisman, or whether you’re attracted to its beauty or mystique, aquamarine makes an intriguing addition to any jewelry collection.

Image of Aquamarine Ring with Diamonds in Sterling SilverFind the best blue gemstone before you buy

So, which blue colored gemstone is right for you? If you are looking for a beautiful, classic color, then aquamarine may be the right choice. If you want a richer blue color, then blue topaz may be the better option. And if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, then Topaz is the way to go! No matter what you choose, you are sure to have a beautiful piece of jewelry that you will enjoy for many years to come.