Make Their November Birthday Special: Buy Topaz Jewelry


Topaz is a marvelous substitute for diamond or sapphire. It comes in different colors, each with its own effect and meaning. If you need an original idea for a birthday present, you will find that you are spoiled for options with topaz. Let us walk you through these tips on how to buy the best topaz jewelry for November birthdays.

What makes topaz so appealing?

Topaz gets its value from its color. Red topaz and rare pink topaz are the most valuable. While yellow, brown and orange topaz are commonly available, blue topaz is often the preferred gem choice (though sapphires and aquamarine also come in blue). Eye-catching and affordable, you will find that this shade of topaz comes in Swiss Blue (a regular blue topaz that can get confused with blue sapphires) and London Blue (a darker blue variety of stone).

Historically, the ancient Greeks thought topaz enhanced strength. Between the 1300s and 1600s, Europeans believed a topaz could protect them from magic spells. Meanwhile, the Indians believed that topaz granted intelligence, beauty and long life if worn above the heart.

As the November birthstone, it is Emma Stone’s and Gordon Ramsay’s birthstone.

Topaz is thought to be the stone of love and affection, bringing wealth and abundance to the wearer. If you want to show someone how much you value them and wish them well in life, you can’t go wrong with topaz.

Topaz Bracelets

If the gift is for a friend, a family member or the partner you’ve been dating for some time, then surprise them with a lustrous topaz bracelet. It’s great for formal occasions and it won’t blow up your budget.

If you want something for under $1,500, a shimmering sterling silver topaz bracelet ($80-$1,064) will do nicely or a silver topaz bracelet at $494. However, if you want a different metal, try a charming yellow gold topaz bracelet ($320-$1,337).

If you are prepared to spend more, consider a handsome gold topaz bracelet for $1,000 or a graceful rose gold topaz bracelet for between $1,800 and $2,172.

Topaz Rings

Perhaps you think Topaz rings would be a better option. That’s a good idea! Topaz rings are both alluring and will only cost you as much as $3,000. This is ideal if you are operating on a tight budget but still wish to get an elegant present.

For under $500, you might like a glistening silver topaz ring for $204 or a sparkling sterling silver topaz ring for between $50 and $457. You’ll also be pleased to discover that a glamorous yellow gold ring only costs between $143 and $730.

However, if you decide to spend over $500, you might prefer an entrancing gold or rose gold ring, which can be found for prices between $120 and $3,000. Similarly, white gold rings only cost between $280 and $1,439 and will be a good bargain.

A word of caution: Although topaz is an 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, it is prone to chipping and vulnerable to damage if worn daily. But because it will bring the fun and playfulness out of the person wearing it, a topaz ring is absolutely worth it.

Image of London Blue Topaz and Diamond Statement Ring in 14k White GoldTopaz Earrings

If you want to gift jewelry that can be worn every day, Topaz earrings can be a good bet. They look splendid for special occasions and on a daily basis.

If you want something chic, consider a pair of pleasing sterling silver topaz earrings ($32-$373) or a pair of silver topaz earrings ($209). A white gold pair of topaz earrings would only cost you between $270 and $1,440.

Similarly, a divine pair of yellow gold and rose gold topaz earrings come in different shapes and designs. If your budget is between $100 and $1,000, you will have plenty to pick from and choose. But if you’re looking for something different, check out a captivating pair of rhodium topaz earrings available for as little as $144.

Image of Blue Topaz and Diamond Drop Earrings in 14k White GoldImage of Topaz Earrings and Diamonds in 14K Strawberry GoldTopaz Neckwear

In 2019, Academy Award-winning actress Anne Hathaway was seen sporting a stunning orange topaz necklace. A topaz necklace will always make the wearer look radiant. However, it is steep in price compared to other topaz jewelry.

Are you willing to open your budget? If so, you will fall in love with magnificent gold topaz necklaces starting at $390 (although some can be as high as $10,278). The same applies to queenly white gold topaz necklaces ($240-$1,440) or exquisite rose gold topaz necklaces ($160-$1,000).

You will also find some tantalizing yellow gold topaz necklaces ($120-$400) mesmerizing sterling silver topaz necklaces ($48-$250), and delightful silver topaz necklaces ($110).

Now that you have browsed through the types of topaz jewelry you can buy, let us look at other factors that will shape your decision.

Image of Oceanic Blue Topaz and White Topaz 3-Stone Bolo Bracelet Sterling SilverHow can you find the perfect topaz jewelry for your loved one?

When buying jewelry, you need to think about what your recipient likes. Do they like silver jewelry? Or do they prefer gold? Maybe they prefer necklaces to earrings. Think about their fashion style. These factors will help you to narrow your options when picking the perfect gift.

If you select blue topaz, then this gem pairs excellently with blue and yellow attire, although they are attractive in most color combinations, including green. They’re also ideal for soft neutral colors worn in spring or summer seasons. Meanwhile, yellow topaz is the fashionable choice of jewelry for Fall.

Topaz earrings can be versatile, a good fit in a work environment and dinners or nights out with friends. Conversely, topaz necklaces would be best suited for formal occasions, such as a business meeting or romantic dinner date at a fine-dining restaurant.

So, before you set foot inside a jeweler’s shop, you would benefit from doing some research first about your intended recipient. It takes a little effort but trust us: You will be glad you did.

What type to buy for a special event?

This November birthstone is also the gemstone of fourth wedding anniversaries. Interestingly, Imperial topaz is given for 23rd wedding anniversaries. Therefore, if you happen to be considering such an anniversary present, then you would certainly make their day with a thoughtful gift of topaz jewelry.

What can affect the price of topaz?

The cost of topaz depends on its color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. It can also change depending on the type of jewelry and its design. However, it is generally a more affordable gemstone, so you will not have to spend all your money to find a piece of topaz jewelry to buy.

Is it worth ‘investing’ in topaz jewelry?

Absolutely. Birthstones are increasingly popular. Topaz jewelry would be a thoughtful gift to receive from someone special. Like with all jewelry, it may take some time and effort to decide what to buy. But when they tear off the wrapping paper and open the box to see what you have bought, they will be deeply moved by your gesture. It will tell them more about how much you value and care about them than words ever could say.