If you want blue gemstones, consider blue topaz or aquamarine

Set of gold jewelry with Topaz: ring and earrings in the shape of a horseshoe

  There are many types of blue-colored gemstones. But if you want a stone that reminds you of the ocean breeze or that brings you tranquility, then you should think about aquamarine or blue topaz. Blue topaz and aquamarine are two of the most popular blue gemstones available today, but they have different histories and … Read more

Make Their November Birthday Special: Buy Topaz Jewelry

Image of Silver earrings with blue Topaz isolated on a black background.

  Topaz is a marvelous substitute for diamond or sapphire. It comes in different colors, each with its own effect and meaning. If you need an original idea for a birthday present, you will find that you are spoiled for options with topaz. Let us walk you through these tips on how to buy the … Read more

Topaz – the Symbol of Love?

Image of blue topaz

Topaz has been a popular gemstone for centuries, with ancient civilizations bestowing powers on the gemstone. These powers, while a little exaggerated, nevertheless gave Topaz an important status within society. These stones come in many different colors and color is perhaps the single most determining factor of its value. What Color of Topaz gemstone is … Read more