Why emerald jewelry is perfect for celebrating a May birthday

Image of Gold ring with emerald near chain on gray stone against nice dark background

  Everyone should own at least one emerald (especially those born during the month of May). If you are looking for birthday present ideas for a May birthday or a special occasion that falls in May, then you should consider emerald jewelry. Their hypnotic and vibrant green makes emerald jewelry a stylish present. Whether it … Read more

The World of Emeralds Demystified

Green Faceted Emerald

The world of precious emeralds is a captivating one.  Known as the Stone of Venus and discovered in Cleopatra’s Mines in Egypt in 1600 BC they hold a special fascination for most gemstone lovers. Legend has professed that the Roman Emperor Nero wore glasses with the lens made of emeralds to watch the gladiators fight.  … Read more