White Gold vs. Platinum: Which Metal is Right for You?

Image of luxury Diamond ring in jewelry gift box with bokeh light background

  So, you’ve decided that you want to buy a piece of jewelry made of white metal. There are few metals as iconic as white gold and platinum when you consider white metal as a base for your jewelry. Both have a similar aesthetic. Both are sleek and shiny. But how do you decide which … Read more

Tanzanite jewelry: Buy it for December birthdays

Image of tanzanite earring and ring set

  In the history of colored gemstones, tanzanite is the new kid on the block. Found in the 1960s, these enchanting blue stones were one of the most exciting gem discoveries in the 20th century. In only a short time, it was the second most popular blue gem after sapphire  (If you a looking for … Read more

Why opal jewelry is a thoughtful gift for October birthdays

Image of white opal Silver earrings

  Since the beginning of time, the opal has captured imaginations. Its shifting rainbow colors can be compared to fireworks or galaxies in a stone. Resplendent, it is a glamorous birthday gift to give someone who was born in October. So, if you want to learn how to buy opal jewelry for October birthdays, let … Read more

Got an April birthday coming up? Buy diamond jewelry

Image of Diamond Ring in Gold

  There are many birthstones but none have captured the public imagination like the diamond. Big or small, a well-cut diamond burns with a brilliant inner flame. Hold it up to the light and it will dazzle you with its blinding beautiful colors. A diamond is unsurpassed in all gemstones. Everyone must own a diamond … Read more

How to buy garnet jewelry for January birthdays

Image of garnet ring in gold

  Out of all the gems, garnet happens to be the most diverse. Although it is commonly red, it is also available in striking shades of green, yellow, orange and purple. Those who are born in January are lucky to call garnet their birthstone. Its variety offers endless possibilities to use creatively in jewelry, which … Read more

Why amethyst jewelry is a ‘royal’ gift for February birthdays

Image of Amethyst Earrings in Gold on twig, dark background

  Out of all the quartz in the world, amethyst is one of the most popular birthstones. It is prized greatly for its shimmering shades of purple, the color of royalty. Glamorous and trendy, it makes for a perfect gift for someone born in February. Therefore, let us walk you through these guidelines on how … Read more

Make Their November Birthday Special: Buy Topaz Jewelry

Image of Silver earrings with blue Topaz isolated on a black background.

  Topaz is a marvelous substitute for diamond or sapphire. It comes in different colors, each with its own effect and meaning. If you need an original idea for a birthday present, you will find that you are spoiled for options with topaz. Let us walk you through these tips on how to buy the … Read more

Your guide to buying sapphire jewelry for a September birthday

Image of Blue sapphire platinum necklace and earrings with a diamond and blue precious sapphire stone

  For thousands of years, sapphire has been connected with royalty and romance. Sapphire usually refers to the blue variety of this gem but you can also find it in pink, yellow and white. Precious and dazzling, it would make an elegant birthday present. Read on to learn about how to buy the best sapphire … Read more

Why peridot jewelry is the ideal gift for August birthdays

Image of Close-up beauty silver earrings and pendant with peridot on background chain and rings on white acrylic desk.

  Although peridot (pronounced PEAR-A-DOE or PEAR-A-DOT) is found in nations as diverse as China, Pakistan and the United States, it also has the rare honor of being found on meteorites that travelled to Earth from outer space. Shimmering in waves of olive green with hints of yellow and brown, peridot has been desired throughout … Read more

Need Gift ideas for a July birthday? Try ruby jewelry

Image White gold Ruby engagement rings

  Ruby is one of the most famous, colored gemstones. For centuries, this July birthstone captured the imaginations of rulers and monarchs for its unparalleled glowing red color. Today, it is still highly fashionable to own and wear. Thus, it makes for an exquisite birthday present. If you are looking to pick out the perfect … Read more