Buying a Gemstone: The Right Questions to Ask

Image of Review gemstone jewelry before buying

Whether you are in the market for a fine ruby or an amethyst, there is a lot to know before finalizing a gemstone purchase. How can you be sure of what you are getting? Are you aware of the different gem treatments that can alter the appearance of a gemstone? Some treatments will greatly affect … Read more

Gemstone Pricing: What You Need to Know

Gold Coins for Gemstone Prices

If you are shopping for a gemstone, no doubt you have encountered some confusing price issues. One vendor may list a gemstone at a particular price, and then you might see a similar gemstone offered for sale for hundreds of dollars less! How can you be sure you are getting the best price on your … Read more

From Pebble to Perfection: The transformation of a gemstone

Gemstone Cutting - Image of Zircon gemstone after heat treatment

What would you think if you saw this nondescript lump of brown on the side of the road?  Would you even bother to pick up this unassuming little pebble?  What if I told you that the water-worn stone in that first photo would turn into this fiery yellow zircon? This is the story of how … Read more

Deciphering Your Gemstone Certificate

Gemstone Certificate

What is a Gemstone Certificate? A gemstone certificate can be a wonderful comparative tool. But what exactly is a “cert” and why should you get one? With all the different gemstone treatments in use today, a detailed evaluation of your gemstone will be a great asset if you need your gemstone appraised or if you … Read more

What You Need to Know About Gemstone Enhancements

lab gemstone color treatments

The majority of gemstones mined for commercial jewelry are subjected to some kind of treatment in addition to cutting and polishing before they reach the consumer. Sellers will frequently describe treated gems as enhanced, a title that acts as a catch-all for a variety of methods in use. This indicates that the gemstone is natural, … Read more