Cut and Color in Gemstones

Image of the various cuts of a Gemstone.

The world of colored gemstones is enticing and beautiful. Minerals formed deep within the earth are brought to light and then expertly fashioned by lapidarists into coveted and prized treasures. Gem cutting is an art, a collaboration between man and nature. And while no two people perceive color in the exact same way, read on … Read more

From Pebble to Perfection: The transformation of a gemstone

Gemstone Cutting - Image of Zircon gemstone after heat treatment

What would you think if you saw this nondescript lump of brown on the side of the road?  Would you even bother to pick up this unassuming little pebble?  What if I told you that the water-worn stone in that first photo would turn into this fiery yellow zircon? This is the story of how … Read more

Making the Cut

Cut Amethyst Gemstone - MIchelle Jo

Gemstones are mined from the earth as rough crystals. Formed deep within the earth, heat and pressure cause minerals to crystallize in symmetrical patterns. Different minerals have different crystal structures depending on the individual arrangement of their atoms or molecules. The gemstones fashioned from these crystallized minerals will likewise have unique optical properties. It is … Read more