Tourmaline: A colorfully sly family of gemstones

Watermelon Tourmaline Gemstones

Tourmalines have, for centuries, been captivating collectors with their varied and uniquely intense colors.  Historically, they eluded identification and instead were attributed as everything from rubies and emeralds to topaz, peridot and sapphires.  Tourmalines are a complex and interesting family of gemstones. Each color group of Tourmaline has its own market of desirability, but color … Read more

Record Setting Gemstone Sales

gemstones from uganda and currency note

The larger the carat weight of a gemstone, the rarer and consequently more valuable it is. With other factors such as purity and excellence of cut being equal, a larger carat gemstone will price much higher per carat than a smaller one. But today, there is a gemstone criterion that may influence a gemstone’s value … Read more