Got an April birthday coming up? Buy diamond jewelry


There are many birthstones but none have captured the public imagination like the diamond. Big or small, a well-cut diamond burns with a brilliant inner flame. Hold it up to the light and it will dazzle you with its blinding beautiful colors. A diamond is unsurpassed in all gemstones. Everyone must own a diamond in their lifetime. If you know someone born in April, read on to learn how to buy diamond jewelry for April birthdays.

Image of Lab-Created Diamonds Solitaire Ring in 14K White GoldWhat makes the diamond so special?

Diamond gets its name from the Greek word ‘adamas’. In English, this translates to ‘unbreakable’ or ‘invincible’. It ranks 10 on the Mohs hardness scale and is the strongest gem of them all. This makes it highly desirable for daily usage. With the proper care, it can last a lifetime. When Shirley Bassey sang that “diamonds are forever”, she meant it. When Marilyn Monroe declared that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, she spoke the truth. This April birthstone is a global symbol of wealth, love & marriage. It is also given for 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries.

Let’s dive straight into the types of diamond jewelry available. You will be certain to find something that meets your requirements. But one point to note – you will find that the price ranges of these items vary greatly online (and in stores). This is due to the fact that pricing depends not only on the diamond or gemstone but also the metal, the design and other factors – so the prices given here are to let you know the general range  (i.e., we exclude the top 1%).

Image of Diamond Bracelet Round-cut Sterling SilverDiamond bracelets

Diamond bracelets are highly attractive. Try a pleasing sterling silver diamond that will cost you $1,500. The same goes for a two-tone gold diamond bracelet. For as little as $4,400, you can pick an intriguing rose gold or rhodium diamond bracelet.

If you want something truly special, look at an exciting yellow gold diamond bracelet ($100-$10000) or a white gold diamond bracelet ($200- $14000). If you want to buy a splendid gold diamond bracelet, be prepared to spend a minimum of $25000.

image of Diamond Bracelet in 14K Yellow GoldDiamond earrings

Perhaps your recipient would prefer a pair of diamond earrings. In that case, here’s your chance to fulfil their lifelong dream: You have plenty of options to choose from.

Maybe they would like a graceful pair of sterling silver diamond earrings. It costs as little as $20 and  as high as $1200. This is ideal if they like chic jewelry. The same applies to a pair of plated metal diamond earrings ($100-$300) or a pair of steel diamond earrings ($150).

For a similar price tag but a different vibe, you might want to check out a delightful pair of rhodium diamond earrings for as little as $500.

In the mid-price range, you will be rewarded with earrings made from two warmer types of metal. A charming pair of rose gold diamond earrings cost between $70 and $2,100. Likewise, a magnetic pair of yellow gold diamond earrings cost as little as $60and as much as $3,900.

But if you are prepared to spend top dollar for something truly marvelous, then you will want to check out a tantalizing pair of white gold diamond earrings. For between $150 and $11,500, it would be an amazing gift. Similarly, stun your recipient with an exquisite pair of gold diamond earrings for between $390 and $21,400. If you want to take it a little further, then you might enjoy a magnificent pair of two-tone gold diamond earrings: They start at $84 but can climb as high as $27,700.

Image of Diamond Earrings in 10K Yellow GoldDiamond neckwear

A diamond necklace is always impressive.

If you seek silver or sleeker metals, then you must check out a compelling sterling silver diamond necklace. It can cost as little as $10 or as much as $1,200. The same applies to a steel diamond necklace ($60-$600), a titanium diamond necklace (~ $250), an enamel diamond necklace ($110-$300) or a touchable plated metal diamond necklace for between $69 and $640.

Do you want a diamond necklace along the lines of silver metal but closer to gold? Then you want a white gold diamond necklace. These hypnotic beauties start at a low price tag of only $200 and climb as high as $9,000.

For under $2000, you will also find a lesser-known but equally impressive rhodium diamond necklace ($100-$2,000) or a tri-color gold diamond necklace for between $240 and $1,100.

In the mid-price range, a luscious rose gold diamond necklace is just as arresting. Their prices start at $50 and go as high as $4,000. They are a fit for those who prefer a retro style of jewelry.

However, few pieces of jewelry evoke a vintage feel than gold. A classic yellow gold diamond necklace starts at $27 but tops the ceiling at $13,200. Similarly, an heirloom-quality two-tone gold diamond necklace starts at $80 and ends at around $15,000. Yet, if you want to bowl over your recipient, then be sure to check out a luxurious gold diamond necklace for as little as $390 or as high as $51,360. It’s worth every cent!

Image of Diamond Cross Necklace in 10K White GoldDiamond rings

When it comes to diamond jewelry, a diamond ring might be the most iconic. If you want to propose to your partner on their birthday in April, then a diamond engagement ring would be symbolic and fitting. But a diamond ring can also be gifted to a friend or a relative who prefer small jewelry worn on their hands.

Let’s start with a lustrous sterling silver diamond ring. It costs as little as $24 and no more than $1,280. They are minimalist and chic. For a similar price range and style, try an alternative steel diamond ring for between $124 and $143 or a plated metal diamond ring ($135). However, if you are ready to spend more for a similar aesthetic, then you will be grandly rewarded for a precious platinum diamond ring for either $4,004 or $7,019.

Or perhaps your recipient likes their jewelry in white gold. A queenly white gold diamond ring will only cost you between $60 and $24,300, depending on your preferences and style.

But maybe you like something a little more regal. Diamonds go well with warmer metal types. In that case, a divine gold diamond ring will certainly make jaws drop. For between $225 and $25,000, it’s worth the investment. The same goes for a mesmerizing yellow gold diamond ring costing between $45 and $20,500 or a handsome two-tone gold diamond ring for between $102 and $15,000. For a lower price range but just as gorgeous, check out a sparkling tri-color gold diamond ring ($383-$3,500).

If you want something a little different, maybe you would be better off with an enthralling rose gold diamond ring. They cost between $50 and $21,000. A delicious rhodium diamond ring ($144-$4,000) is a great substitute especially if you have a tighter budget.

Image of Diamond Heart Ring 10K White GoldOther diamond jewelry options

If none of the above options appeals to you, here are a few different types of jewelry you can choose instead. Suave plated metal diamond cufflinks ($95.20) would make gentlemen look dapper the next time they attend a function. Or perhaps these sleek yellow gold diamond beads ($105) or white gold diamond beads ($375) would be a better gift. The same goes for a $70 diamond locket or a darling diamond charm for either $90 or $280.

Whatever you decide to buy, you can be assured that your recipient will appreciate your birthday present of diamond jewelry.

What should you pay attention to when buying diamond jewelry?

Before you step into a jeweler’s shop, do a little research. Try to find out what kind of jewelry your recipient likes. If you pay attention to the jewelry they already wear, this will help you to narrow down your choices. Comparing prices is not always easy especially between various retailers – make sure you check out the details of the stone, the metal etc.

Diamond works with any colored outfit. They also pair well with neutral outfits. In fact, they match any outfit! Whether it’s for formal functions, corporate wear or even casual social events, there is always a piece of diamond jewelry that will suit the occasion.

What type of diamond jewelry should you buy?

Let’s say you are buying diamond jewelry for a parent. For your father, a smart pair of diamond cufflinks will be highly appreciated. For your mother, you can buy a diamond bracelet or a pair of diamond earrings. She’ll certainly love you for it.

If it’s your best friend, a diamond bracelet or a diamond necklace would be appropriate. Likewise, you can opt for diamond beads or lockets. They won’t break the bank and they will be a considerate gesture on your part.

What if it’s for your partner or your spouse? If you’re still in the dating stage, then a pair of diamond earrings will always enhance their appearance when worn for weddings or on special occasions. If you are married, perhaps splurge and spoil them with a diamond ring to wear with their wedding ring, or make them gasp with a gift of a diamond necklace.

Think about the meaning behind your gift. It might take some time but it will pay off when they see the lengths you have gone to make their birthday special.

Image of Diamond Bracelet in Sterling Silver amd Rose GoldWhat impacts the cost of diamonds?

The cost of the diamond will depend on the stone size. It is also greatly affected by its cut as well as clarity, and carat weight. The color is measured by the colorlessness of the stone.

Why are diamond jewelry great options as a birthday gift?

The best news is that when it comes to diamond jewelry, you will always find something to meet your needs. Now that you know what types of diamond jewelry are available, it will help you decide whether to buy a ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace or something else. Whatever you choose, a birthday gift of diamond jewelry will make anyone’s heart sing when they open the box and see what you have bought.