For unforgettable June birthdays, give a gift of pearl jewelry

Image of White pearl earrings in gold on a gray stone

  Pearl is one of the June birthstones and is associated with innocence and purity. Legends claimed that it had beneficial properties. Ancient Sanskrit texts believed it granted long life while Arab physicians in the 19th century insisted that powdered pearl improved eyesight. But what is certain is that this gem is extraordinary. Its classy … Read more

Gems of the Sea: A Guide for Pearls and Coral

Image of Pearl Gem

Attractive gemstones are not always mined from the earth. Pearls and coral are two gemstones that come from the sea. Since they are produced by living organisms, they are classified as organic gemstones. Beautiful and desirable, these gems from the sea are not without controversy. Is Coral Jewelry illegal? Precious coral is a prime example … Read more