Tanzanite – the newcomer that turned the gemstone world

This most attractive gemstone is found in just one place in the World. Tanzania in East Africa had previously been known more for its wildlife than its minerals, but that all changed in the early 1960s. Tanzanite is a silicate (calcium aluminum) and was found in the 1960s. Its rich blue color has … [Read more...]

Five things you didn’t know about Montana Yogo Sapphires

The term "Yogo sapphire" refer to typically cornflower blue sapphires found only in the Yogo Gulch area, whereas "Montana sapphire" generally refers to sapphires found in other Montana locations. Read on, and learn about Yogo sapphires that adorn some of the fine pieces of jewelry available … [Read more...]

From Pebble to Perfection: The transformation of a gemstone

What would you think if you saw this nondescript lump of brown on the side of the road?  Would you even bother to pick up this unassuming little pebble?  What if I told you that the water-worn stone in that first photo would turn into this fiery yellow zircon? This is the story of how humble … [Read more...]

Aquamarine – All About The Gemstone Named “Sea Water”

Aquamarine is a gorgeous blue variety of beryl that is of high enough grade to be considered a gem stone. Beryl is a clear mineral that is colored by impurities and makes up a variety of gemstones, including Emeralds and, of course, Aquamarine. In the case of Aquamarine, it is iron ‘impurities’, in … [Read more...]

Amethyst – All About The Purple Gemstone

Amethysts are a purple variety of quartz. The coloring is thought to be the result of natural impurities (most likely to be iron and some trace elements). Given that Quartz is probably one of the most plentiful minerals on Earth, Amethysts, one of the most precious forms of Quartz are widely … [Read more...]

Topaz – the Symbol of Love?

Topaz has been a popular gemstone for centuries, with ancient civilizations bestowing powers on the gemstone. These powers, while a little exaggerated, nevertheless gave Topaz an important status within society. These stones come in many different colors and color is perhaps the single most … [Read more...]

More About Opals

Like most gem stones, glamorous opals are valued based on their color, cut, clarity and size, but the criteria for this jewel is a little different. First and foremost, the type of opal affects the value. Precious Opals For an opal to be classified as precious, it must display a bright and … [Read more...]

A Colorful World

Gemstones are a delight to the eye and it is easy to understand how a collector can easily become infatuated with these gifts from nature. Occurring in every color of the rainbow and many hues in between, gemstone color is a major value factor and a large source of the gemstone’s appeal. Here we … [Read more...]

Introduction to Gemstones

Have you ever wondered what gives a gemstone its appeal? Or why some gemstones are considered precious and others semi-precious? How did mankind discover and develop modern mining techniques? And where do gemstones come from? Explore the answers to these questions and gain a basic idea of how, when, … [Read more...]