Turquoise: From Tutankhamen to the Taj Mahal

Image of Turquoise Necklace Strand

Turquoise is a phosphate (copper and aluminum) and has been used as an ornamental stone for centuries. It is opaque and valuable in its purest forms but it’s value has suffered in recent time as a result as a result of the availability of synthetic stones and treatments. It is no harder than window glass … Read more

Wearing Your Gemstones: Make An Informed Decision

Elongated Tanzanite Pendant
Just as gemstones come in a variety of colors and sizes, the level of wear and tear they can endure is particular to each type of gemstone. Each family of gemstones can withstand different amounts of stress and abuse before they scratch or break. Read on to learn what you ought to know before making ... Read more

Tough Stuff: What Your Jeweler Wishes You Knew

Image of Pink Diamond

When choosing a gemstone for everyday wear, it is important to know how your gemstone is going to hold up against encounters with countertops, doorknobs, suitcase handles, and the myriad other hard surfaces that rings, bracelets, and other gemstone items unwittingly come into contact with. Even gemstones that rank high on the Mohs scale of … Read more

How to Find the Perfect Gem for You

Amethyst gemstone amongst other colors

If you’ve ever wondered how to select the perfect gemstone for you, one that will flatter and transcend the seasons and fashions, you can start by simply looking in the mirror. It has been said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. By selecting the right gemstones for your earrings, you can make … Read more

Garnets – A Family of Gemstones

Looking for Garnet Jewelery? Click here, if not read on to learn more about the gemstone…. Garnets are in fact identified as a group of gemstones that share the same crystal structure but differ in chemical makeup.  Whilst commonly available in most colors except for Blue, the origin of its name is said to be … Read more

Introduction to Gemstones

Have you ever wondered what gives a gemstone its appeal? Or why some gemstones are considered precious and others semi-precious? How did mankind discover and develop modern mining techniques? And where do gemstones come from? Explore the answers to these questions and gain a basic idea of how, when, and where the global gem trade ... Read more