Heavy Metal and Rock Stars: The Setting of a Gemstone

If you have purchased an un-mounted or “loose” gemstone, there are several things you need to know before choosing a setting that will show off your gem to its best advantage. The kind of jewelry metal, the type of setting, even how you choose to wear your gem can greatly alter its visual appearance. Read … Read more

Alternative Metals: Exploring a New Jewelry Trend

In recent years, prices in the precious metal market have, at times, resembled a roller coaster. However the overall trend is one where the price of Gold and Platinum has increased significantly. As a result of the higher prices for precious metals typically used in fine jewelry, a few alternative metals have begun to take … Read more

Precious Metals Demystified: Understanding the Metals Used for Fine Jewelry

gold chain necklace

Have you ever wondered about the difference between White Gold and Silver? Or wanted to learn more about Platinum and Palladium? Do you know what makes for a “precious metal” and how they are used in fine jewelry? Read on to find answers to these and many other questions on the typical metals used in … Read more

Buyer Beware: 8 Tips on Purchasing Fine Gemstones Online

Image comparing advertised gemstone image and received gemstone

Purchasing gemstones online can be more complicated and difficult than purchasing in person, but purchasing in person means visiting a retail store where prices may be much higher and selection limited.  This online price advantage can have numerous disadvantages.  Viewing a gemstone in person allows one to visually see the brilliance, polish, cutting, color, inclusions, … Read more

Finding Your Gem Dealer: Where and How to Look

Finding a Reputable Gem Dealer

Are you in the market for a gemstone? How can you be sure that you are dealing with a reputable company? Are there any industry watchdogs on your side? Apart from customer reviews, is there a way you can investigate and evaluate your gem dealer before deciding on that big gemstone purchase? Here are a … Read more