Ruby or Garnet: Which red gemstone is right for you?

image of Red Ruby in Nature

  There is no doubt that red is a powerful color. It can be bold and commanding, or it can be passionate and seductive. Red has always been a popular choice for gemstones, and there are two red gems that are the most famous of them all: ruby and garnet. Ruby is the more well-known … Read more

How to buy garnet jewelry for January birthdays

Image of garnet ring in gold

  Out of all the gems, garnet happens to be the most diverse. Although it is commonly red, it is also available in striking shades of green, yellow, orange and purple. Those who are born in January are lucky to call garnet their birthstone. Its variety offers endless possibilities to use creatively in jewelry, which … Read more

Pop the question in style with a Garnet Ring!

Image of Gold Garnet Ring

Few gemstones are as diverse as the garnet. They come in an array of striking rainbow colors, setting them apart from a standard engagement ring. For hundreds of years, garnets symbolized victory, love and strength. If you wish to make a powerful statement, what better choice to show your partner your promise to commit than … Read more

Garnet Jewelry – An affordable luxury

Abundant Supply Garnet jewelry is readily available in a wide array of colors and designs, and the abundance of garnet gemstones in the marketplace makes it an affordable luxury. Garnets have been used in jewelry since ancient times, and were thought to be powerful talismans that protected the wearer from evil and illuminated the darkness. … Read more

What Everybody Ought To Know About Garnets

Red Garnet Rhodolite Gemstone

Looking for Garnet Jewelery? Click here, if not read on to learn more about the gemstone…. While the most common Garnet is the deep red, this is far from the whole story because it is a gemstone which occurs commonly in many colors other than blue. This includes many variations in green, yellow, orange, and … Read more

Garnets – A Family of Gemstones

Looking for Garnet Jewelery? Click here, if not read on to learn more about the gemstone…. Garnets are in fact identified as a group of gemstones that share the same crystal structure but differ in chemical makeup.  Whilst commonly available in most colors except for Blue, the origin of its name is said to be … Read more