How to Buy Gemstones

There is something you share with emperors, explorers, kings and queens, captains of industry, and giants of finance. The lure of gemstones has enthralled you all. Now that you have learned the basics, you are ready to explore your buying options and start building your gemstone collection. And we have the information to guide you through that process. You won’t find gemstones for sale on our site, but you will find the most useful information that will lead you to smart purchases as well as the tools to select from the inventory of many fine jewelers and compare prices. We offer you an expert and independent view of the gemstone market today. We want you to share our site along with the information in it.[

With 60 years of combined experience we want to share with you all that we have learned. And we want you to do the same thing. Whether the gemstone or jewelry purchase you are contemplating is your first or your fiftieth, we want you to engage in an exchange of ideas so we can learn more about what is important to you in the quest for the perfect gem. If you have a passion for sapphires or are fascinated by rubies, we want you to talk about it. From gemstone care to crafting yourself into a savvy shopper, we provide the information you need to increase your knowledge and your buying confidence.

We bring the complex and intriguing world of gemstones to life for you. Our team of gem and jewelry experts knows much about the world of gemstones and we present it in simple terms. We distill the essence of gemstone science as well as lore and history to bring you relevant information. We want you to be aware of the latest gemstone treatments, be inspired by the passion behind notable gemstone provenance, and share in the mystery and allure of gemstones that have captivated mankind since the dawn of civilization.

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image of Ten of the most popular diamond cut styles in line on white background

Princess Cut, Round Cut, or Radiant Cut: What’s the Difference?

You’ve got your diamond and you’ve identified what type of metal you want to set it in. That’s great! Now it’s time … Read more
image of Red Ruby in Nature

Ruby or Garnet: Which red gemstone is right for you?

There is no doubt that red is a powerful color. It can be bold and commanding, or it can be passionate and … Read more
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Tanzanite or Blue Sapphire: Two Sides of the Blue Gemstone Debate

So, you want to buy a blue gemstone and you’ve narrowed it down to blue sapphire and tanzanite (as compared to Topaz … Read more
Set of gold jewelry with Topaz: ring and earrings in the shape of a horseshoe

If you want blue gemstones, consider blue topaz or aquamarine

  There are many types of blue-colored gemstones. But if you want a stone that reminds you of the ocean breeze or … Read more
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What’s the difference between Rose, Yellow and White Gold?

Gold is a precious metal that has been used for jewelry and other decorative items for centuries. But have you ever wondered … Read more
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White Gold vs. Platinum: Which Metal is Right for You?

  So, you’ve decided that you want to buy a piece of jewelry made of white metal. There are few metals as … Read more
Image of Diamonds and White Sapphires Compared

White Sapphire or Diamond: How to pick the right stone for you

When it comes to choosing between white sapphire and diamond jewelry, it really depends on what you are looking for. Do you … Read more
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Tanzanite jewelry: Buy it for December birthdays

  In the history of colored gemstones, tanzanite is the new kid on the block. Found in the 1960s, these enchanting blue … Read more
Image of white opal Silver earrings

Why opal jewelry is a thoughtful gift for October birthdays

  Since the beginning of time, the opal has captured imaginations. Its shifting rainbow colors can be compared to fireworks or galaxies … Read more
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Got an April birthday coming up? Buy diamond jewelry

  There are many birthstones but none have captured the public imagination like the diamond. Big or small, a well-cut diamond burns … Read more
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How to buy garnet jewelry for January birthdays

  Out of all the gems, garnet happens to be the most diverse. Although it is commonly red, it is also available … Read more
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For unforgettable June birthdays, give a gift of pearl jewelry

  Pearl is one of the June birthstones and is associated with innocence and purity. Legends claimed that it had beneficial properties. … Read more

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