How to Buy Gemstones

There is something you share with emperors, explorers, kings and queens, captains of industry, and giants of finance. The lure of gemstones has enthralled you all. Now that you have learned the basics, you are ready to explore your buying options and start building your gemstone collection. And we have the information to guide you through that process. You won’t find gemstones for sale on our site, but you will find the most useful information that will lead you to smart purchases as well as the tools to select from the inventory of many fine jewelers and compare prices. We offer you an expert and independent view of the gemstone market today. We want you to share our site along with the information in it.

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We bring the complex and intriguing world of gemstones to life for you. Our team of gem and jewelry experts knows much about the world of gemstones and we present it in simple terms. We distill the essence of gemstone science as well as lore and history to bring you relevant information. We want you to be aware of the latest gemstone treatments, be inspired by the passion behind notable gemstone provenance, and share in the mystery and allure of gemstones that have captivated mankind since the dawn of civilization.

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