Sapphires – the Gemstone for a Princess

Oh the stories a gemstone can tell! … History says that the tablets brought down by Moses with the Ten Commandments were made of Sapphire. The Persians believed that the world stood on a sapphire and the color of the sky was a mere reflection of that stone’s color. Many cultures believe that … [Read more...]

Tanzanite – the newcomer that turned the gemstone world

This most attractive gemstone is found in just one place in the World. Tanzania in East Africa had previously been known more for its wildlife than its minerals, but that all changed in the early 1960s. Tanzanite is a silicate (calcium aluminum) and was found in the 1960s. Its rich blue color has … [Read more...]

Turquoise: From Tutankhamen to the Taj Mahal

Turquoise is a phosphate (copper and aluminum) and has been used as an ornamental stone for centuries. It is opaque and valuable in its purest forms but it’s value has suffered in recent time as a result as a result of synthetic stones and treatments. It is no harder than window glass and so is … [Read more...]

Ruby – So Red and Rare

Few gemstones have the visual impact of a ruby, the rich red color catching the eye from the instant that it is seen; it is the color which defines a ruby. Any stone either slightly too dark, or bordering on pale and pink is regarded in the jewelry trade as a pink or purple sapphire, even though … [Read more...]

Citrine – The Yellow Alternative

Citrine gets its name from its color, the citrus yellow of lemons and it is has historically been referred to as Gold Topaz despite not being one of those precious stones. Other common names include Bahia, Madeira and Rio Grande Topaz. These deceptive terms have led to Topaz needing the adjective … [Read more...]

Is it ‘Real’? The Differences between Natural, Synthetic and Imitation Gemstones

It can be difficult, when making jewelry or gemstone purchases, to decipher the terminology used to describe the origins of a gemstone. The significant differences in price of natural, synthetic and imitation stones can easily turn what looks like a good deal into a costly overpriced purchase. Use … [Read more...]

Gems of the Sea: A Guide for Pearls and Coral

Attractive gemstones are not always mined from the earth. Pearls and coral are two gemstones that come from the sea. Since they are produced by living organisms, they are classified as organic gemstones. Beautiful and desirable, these gems from the sea are not without controversy. Controversial … [Read more...]

How to Find the Perfect Gem for You

If you’ve ever wondered how to select the perfect gemstone for you, one that will flatter and transcend the seasons and fashions, you can start by simply looking in the mirror. It has been said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. By selecting the right gemstones for your earrings, you can … [Read more...]

Tourmaline 101: The Basics

Tourmaline is most known for the broad and dynamic range of colors in which it can be found.   This palette, from crisp greens and blues to deep pinks, purples, reds and every color in between, is how Tourmaline is most commonly showcased within the modern jewelry industry.   Tourmaline, in their … [Read more...]

Born to Shine: What Your Birthstone Says About You

Birthstone jewelry has remained perennially popular, even as recommendations for which gems go with certain months keep changing! You have undoubtedly encountered many traditional birthstone lists in your reading. Here, we’re going to do something different. We are going to provide the history of … [Read more...]