Selecting the Right Gemstone

You have discovered the colorful world of gems; now it is time to decide on the perfect gemstone for you! Which gemstone will suit you best? How much do gemstones cost? Which gemstones are the most durable? What types of gemstone jewelry are in fashion right now? How long will my gemstone last? Is … [Read more...]

Carats and Clarity: Some Clear and Specific Answers

If you have shopped for a diamond or gemstone recently, you have no doubt been apprised of the “4 C’s”: carat weight, clarity, color, and cut. The 4 C’s play an important role in the description and valuation of diamonds and gemstones. Here, you will learn key information about two of the four C’s: … [Read more...]

Gemstone Pricing: What You Need to Know

If you are shopping for a gemstone, no doubt you have encountered some confusing price issues. One vendor may list a gemstone at a particular price, and then you might see a similar gemstone offered for sale for hundreds of dollars less! How can you be sure you are getting the best price on your … [Read more...]

The Truth Behind Gemstone Certifications

Have you ever heard that a stone is “certified” and wonder what this means?  Whether you’re looking at a beautiful sapphire or a brilliant diamond, there are often “certifications” given to gemstones to prove their origin, grade and/or rarity. Certifications offer buyers validation and confidence in … [Read more...]

Gemstone and Jewelry Buying: Know Your Rights!

Being hesitant about a gemstone purchase is common if you are new to the market or aren’t familiar with the seller.  It is typical to feel wary and unsure before making a potentially large jewelry purchase.  Have you ever wondered what protection you have as a consumer?  And what recourse you have … [Read more...]

Iolite Gemstones: What you ought to know

Iolite is a beautiful blue gemstone whose appeal is enhanced by its natural Pleochroism – that is, it reflects light in different colors depending on the angle it's viewed from. Iolite jewelry is more affordable than its equivalent Sapphire or Tanzanite piece, so it makes a good alternative to … [Read more...]

Buyer Beware: 8 Tips on Purchasing Fine Gemstones Online

Purchasing gemstones online can be more complicated and difficult than purchasing in person, but purchasing in person means visiting a retail store where prices may be much higher and selection limited.  This online price advantage can have numerous disadvantages.  Viewing a gemstone in person … [Read more...]

Citrine – The Yellow Alternative

Citrine gets its name from its color, the citrus yellow of lemons and it is has historically been referred to as Gold Topaz despite not being one of those precious stones. Other common names include Bahia, Madeira and Rio Grande Topaz. These deceptive terms have led to Topaz needing the adjective … [Read more...]

Is it ‘Real’? The Differences between Natural, Synthetic and Imitation Gemstones

It can be difficult, when making jewelry or gemstone purchases, to decipher the terminology used to describe the origins of a gemstone. The significant differences in price of natural, synthetic and imitation stones can easily turn what looks like a good deal into a costly overpriced purchase. Use … [Read more...]

Alternative Metals: Exploring a New Jewelry Trend

In recent years, prices in the precious metal market have, at times, resembled a roller coaster. However the overall trend is one where the price of Gold and Platinum has increased significantly. As a result of the higher prices for precious metals typically used in fine jewelry, a few alternative … [Read more...]