Garnet Jewelry – An affordable luxury

Abundant Supply Garnet jewelry is readily available in a wide array of colors and designs, and the abundance of garnet gemstones in the marketplace makes it an affordable luxury. Garnets have been used in jewelry since ancient times, and were thought to be powerful talismans that protected the … [Read more...]

From the Neck Down: What You Need to Know About Buying a Necklace

Necklaces have been a staple of adornment since the beginning of recorded history. From simple shell and bead necklaces of the Stone Age to the pectoral collars of ancient Egypt, to the myriad variations available today, the necklace has remained a time-honored and coveted jewelry category. A … [Read more...]

Bracelets: How to Shop Them, How to Wear Them

If you are thinking about buying a bracelet, there is a lot to consider. Bracelets can make a fun fashion statement and many jewelers offer great deals on bracelets. Bracelet sales tend to be a little slower than other types of jewelry such as earrings and rings and this makes them excellent game … [Read more...]

Earrings: The Essentials for a Jewelry Wardrobe

If you are thinking about buying earrings as a gift for someone or for yourself, you are in luck. Earrings make a wonderful gift because you do not have to worry about whether or not they will fit. Women with pierced ears often wear earrings every day, so you can be sure that your choice will get … [Read more...]

Have it Made: Jewelry Making Processes

Jewelry is made by a variety of different manufacturing processes. Have you ever wondered why jewelry is described as handmadeas often as not? What exactly goes into a piece of jewelry after metal ore and gemstones come out of the earth? The answers are as complex as the jewelry itself. Here, we … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Having Custom Jewelry Made

Custom jewelry is an exciting world, where a one of a kind piece of jewelry can be created for a specific customer.  Is there a piece of jewelry you’ve always wanted?  Have you ever wondered how a custom piece of jewelry is made?  Do you know the steps involved and how much time can it take?  This … [Read more...]

Appraisals and Insurance: Is Your Jewelry Covered?

Whether you have a beautiful family heirloom or have just received a priceless engagement ring, it is important to make sure that your jewelry is protected and to think about having an appraisal done.  However, appraisals are not all created equal and it is important to know what to ask for when … [Read more...]

The Truth Behind Gemstone Certifications

Have you ever heard that a stone is “certified” and wonder what this means?  Whether you’re looking at a beautiful sapphire or a brilliant diamond, there are often “certifications” given to gemstones to prove their origin, grade and/or rarity. Certifications offer buyers validation and confidence in … [Read more...]

Remounting Jewelry: Your Guide to Styles, Trends, and Tips to Know

Do you have old jewelry that is filling your jewelry box?  Is it broken, outdated or just not your style of jewelry anymore?  There is a growing trend in having custom jewelry made or customer’s having their gemstones refashioned and remounted into new, current and fashionable pieces.  There are … [Read more...]

Gemstone and Jewelry Buying: Know Your Rights!

Being hesitant about a gemstone purchase is common if you are new to the market or aren’t familiar with the seller.  It is typical to feel wary and unsure before making a potentially large jewelry purchase.  Have you ever wondered what protection you have as a consumer?  And what recourse you have … [Read more...]